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went on sale Urinals tm "ORIO"!
Urinals with a water seal prevents the passage of odors from the sewer. His destination: the diversion of water from the urinal in the sewer. Siphon made ??of pure polypropylene has an optimal body size and plums with an offset for easy mounting.

Thanks to the two cuffs included size 40mm and 46 mm is a siphon universal and suitable for urinals Russian and foreign manufacturers.

D-40mm D-46mm

3-flap cuff are made of modern materials - thermoplastic, especially the presence of recesses on the inside of the cuff allows it firmly fixed on the drain pipe and not move during installation and operation.

Urinals 1 1/4 "40
cuffed D-40, 46mm

Connection Urinals tm "ORIO" with sewage is through universal 40h40/50mm corrugated tube that comes in the kit (Article P-31009 ).

Urinals 1 1/4 "40
cuffed D-40, 46mm, and a flexible tube 40/50

Urinals tm "ORIO" can be considered the best Urinals Russian production not only in quality, but at an attractive price.

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